Creighton Model System

Using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, women are taught to observe certain biological signs to monitor their own gynaecological health, and to confidently identify times of fertility and infertility. These biological signs include cervical mucus and bleeding patterns, and can be observed and analysed in all types of menstrual cycles. These signs are charted daily to give a clear picture of the woman’s individual cycle. Men are encouraged to actively participate in the charting process.

This includes an introductory session to equip the couple with materials for charting and to brief the couple on how to begin Creighton Model charting. Following which there will be a follow up schedule where the couple will see the Fertilitycare Practitioner every 2 weeks in the early stages of the programme to review the charts and charting process. After a minimum 2 cycles of charting of the woman’s menstrual cycle, the couple can be referred to the Fertilitycare Medical Consultant for an evaluation of the couple’s fertility

Example of a CrMS chart and hormonal profile

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